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It is very difficult to maintain the natural grass lawn at home as it can ruin the beauty whenever bad weather occurs. So to get rid of that problem, we offer our customers an excellent solution: the Artificial Grass Dubai which is quite perfect and the right choice for every kind of weather.

And our artificial grass ae is the only shop in the UAE, Dubai which is offering you all in one option within reasonable price fake grass to our customers.

Thus, you can be 100% assured that we shall always be there for you through your artificial grass installation in Dubai. After all, we are the best Artificial Grass installation company in Dubai. We have plenty of options for the sale of artificial grass, now we offer you a solution to your needs for all floor coverings.

Do you want to Install Artificial Grass Dubai? knows that all people get afraid of such types of products as they seem to be real, we also provide you with specific options to choose the products according to your taste and needs.

Artificial Grass Dubai
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We are the Only Best Artificial Grass Dubai Shop

Are you worried about the quality of the product?

Then stop worrying now. We offer our customers the best fake grass Dubai in high quality. With the lawn mower, our customers have the best experience of getting the grass of the finest quality in Dubai. You will be amazed by the quality of the Artificial Grass Dubai. Get to know more about the quality of our grass product and all the professional services we provide to you by visiting a fake grass Dubai shop.

We not only provide Artificial Grass Abu Dhabi, Dubai, we can also design and implement your idea. This is a very competitive marketplace and we accept and manage all the necessary, legal and regulatory conditions that keep your project under control.

Therefore, we must consider the factors when we offer our Bermuda Artificial Grass Options to our customers to buy the best quality grass in the UAE. We can install artificial grass on a building, exterior or interior part, but that’s not the most interesting part. Artificial Grass Dubai differs in design and the quality of the install also depends on the specific installation conditions.

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Benefits of having our Artificial Grass Dubai in Your Home

To assure you the installation of Artificial Grass Dubai is the best option for you. We provide you the list of benefits as follows, so it can obviously win the heart of your lovely space.

  •  It provides much more resistance than the natural grass which is the plus point.
  • The synthetic grass Dubai requires less maintenance than the natural grass which gets hurt easily by any weather.
  • Artificial grass looks beautiful in any weather. The weather has no direct effect on artificial grass’ appearance. It will remain green, neat and tidy throughout the year, regardless of what the weather is.
  • Because it doesn’t require much maintenance, artificial turf is easier for the owner. Artificial turf doesn’t require watering, fertilization, or mowing like real grass.
  • Our Artificial Grass Dubai Bermuda doesn’t need to be watered as much as natural grass. Artificial grass is more sustainable than natural grass because it uses less water. You can save water by reducing your sprinkler and hose pipe usage.

Premium Supplier Of Artificial Grass in UAE

We is the best and top-rated supplier in UAE, which offers you the quality and splendid deals of Artificial Grass Dubai products and installation at reasonable prices. We are one of the most renowned manufacturers of artificial grass products in the UAE, who can easily install grass within your backyard without any effort.

We are famous for having the finest quality artificial grass in Dubai and the best team to complete the installation within no time. We are the best source of artificial grass in Dubai. We are famous for our quality astro turf products which are highly considered for outdoor use.

We have gained huge recognition and trust among people who are willing to buy artificial grass in Dubai. Our team is always available and responsive to the clients.

We have a highly professional team of experts who provide professional quality service and artificial turf for customers. We make the job easy for our clients as they can get their Artificial Grass Dubai directly from us in just a single click.

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Top Rated Artificial Grass Supplier UAE
Artificial Grass AE - One Of The Oldest & Most Trusted Fake Grass Supplier in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and all Over UAE
Few facts about Artificial Grass Dubai

Add Beautiful Layers of Green to Your Space

Every day we strive hard to make our home beautiful and look elegant & fresh, but it looks difficult and costly due to hard maintenance, therefore we always look forward to helping you in laying Artificial Grass Dubai. 

 So, Find the different styles, colors, themes, and textures according to your space appearance.

All the authentic, exotic, fun, and sophisticated artificial grass carpets needed are readily available with us.

Whether you are looking for Artificial Grass Dubai for your pool, garden or balcony, we provide all varieties of artificial grass products and plants for sale online. Our installation team can handle any of your artificial grass projects in Dubai & deliver them on time.

Artificial Grass Dubai
Artificial Grass Dubai

We provide both Commercial & Residential Artificial Grass Service

We are the best commercial area grass supplier as well as being known as the largest Artificial Grass Dubai Installation contractor in UAE. Hiring Professionals & experienced Managers over the years, we have been recognized by local and regional organizations for our services of providing artificial grass carpet and top-notch professional staff. We’ve also been successful in having many of our team members become regionally and country certified for delivering office artificial grass, as well as the installation services in many areas within Dubai.

Advance Supplier of All kinds of Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass Dubai is supported in Dubai by a variety of compelling facts. It is easier to maintain than natural grass. It doesn’t require fertilizer or watering to ensure maximum growth.

We’re a manufacturer of dragon mart artificial & sports artificial grass supplier, consider all the facts why customers comprehend a major choice and which thing causes a major influence to jump to counterfeit selection of artificial grass wall and we do take care of you in this entire journey. Among the different cases, we take care of and sell cheap artificial grass, one of them is the cost of your product availability and shipping.

Artificial Grass Dubai
Artificial Grass Dubai

Professional Artificial Grass Dubai with Pocket Friendly Prices

Apart from the UV defender, all of our Artificial Grass Dubai, we know that if the grass is not of the best quality, it can be costly to install. However, this is an excellent investment for a professional installation because your grass must be fit to the highest standards.

So, here at artificial grass ae, we offer you professional artificial grass installation services at pocket-friendly prices. has the best team of artificial grass specialists on hand who can install the best quality of artificial grass as per the needs of your house or place of your business. Unlike the installation of real grass, the installation of Artificial Grass Dubai does not take up a lot of your time, it is simple, easy, affordable, and reliable. So, for all your needs in Dubai, our installation services offer you a complete range of ready to install artificial grass.

Range of Combinations of Artificial grass Designs

To give value to our customers, we offer plenty of different designs, styles in greenery, artificial grass for your balcony, roof, sports, and vice versa.

In other words, it is one of the main reasons why we have gotten so many clients from all over the world. We work hard in order to fulfill every single order that we receive, which eventually leads us to become one of the main sources for the best Artificial Grass Dubai in UAE. All of our different types of artificial grass look and feel like real grass, and that is why it can be used by all different kinds of people.

Our specialty is in the transformation of back gardens using the finest quality fake grass. It looks and feels just as good as the original. When we finish our work, your lawn will look as natural as the day you first laid it.

We are proud of the high quality of our work and are fully insured and bonded to ensure the very best service. We also guarantee work that is done in time for the onset of the wet season, keeping you assured of a perfect lawn and a relaxing summer season.

Of course, if you have a fire, your back garden is not going to survive! That is why you have us, so we can repair and replant your ruined back garden with Artificial Grass Dubai.

Why Prefer Us?

No. 1 Artificial Grass Dubai supplier and installation service provider in UAE, we can never compromise on quality. Therefore, we offer our customers the best. 

We offer the best artificial grass with mud free and low maintenance service charges so you could get rid of the extra burden. We are a very reliable and fast service provider for your artificial lawn for playgrounds, balconies, schools, etc. Our Artificial grass is an up-to-date, reliable, and very easy installation as compared to natural grass. Artificial grass is easy to maintain and is also a very popular choice when it comes to artificial grass in Dubai. is a one stop solution for all your Artificial Grass Dubai needs. Furthermore, we also provide 24/7 live chat support in order to assure that we’ll be available to assist you at any time. So for more information or to know the artificial grass prices,

Contact Us Or WhatsApp: +971 50 156 2524

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Common Questions

Ut pretium risus sit amet nisi vulputate porta. Ut hendrerit tempus purus in vulputate. Pellentesque dignissim dui ac dolor convallis, vitae!

How To Fix Artificial Grass Carpet?

Well! There are several ways available to fix the carpets made with artificial grass on your home floor. Through convenient periodic maintenance, you can maintain and fix the cleaning of artificial grass at any place. You can do it by using a brush and a form of hard broom turf to remove crushed areas.

Where Can I Buy Artificial Grass?

You can buy artificial grass from many stores or flowers or carpets. The best thing to know about these grass types is that it doesn’t require any mowing, watering or feeding. Thus people like this grass because of the high life expectancy.

How to install Artificial Grass on The Balcony?

The process of installing artificial grass on the balcony is a bit easy. Some manufacturers use tape and put glue on the required place on the balcony floor. Also, you can put them on the balcony walls and leave gaps for beading.

Does Artificial Grass Require Maintenance?

Artificial grass requires low maintenance to look like real lawn grass. However, many people believe that artificial grass needs no maintenance because of no need for water. Although it doesn't look like traditional grass, it should be maintained regularly.

How Much Does Fake Grass Cost?

Averagely, the overall cost to buy fake or artificial grass ranges from $50 to $80 for a square fell with installation. However, many people think that getting it is cost-effective because it has a long life span.

Do You Provide Artificial Grass installation?

You can easily install your own artificial grass, like placing a carpet on the floor. It doesn't require any hard work or long procedures to install it. However, you need to follow all exceptional and correct dimensions and cut off every pair of fake grass.
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